If you’re looking to improve your English, and you live in la Réunion, then you’ve come to the right place!

I want to learn!

Come over to our E-Learning site, KAFE. It has thousands of quizzes, lessons and videos to help you learn English at your own speed.

I want to talk!

Great! We have a couple of projects to help you practice your speaking skills! Our Happy Hour Events take place all over the island, brush up your English conversation for $8 per person! We also hold monthly English Evenings over at Ciné Cambaie! After a VO film, sit down with the Anglais.re team to talk about the film over a drink at the bar.

I want to listen!

We’ve got you covered. Head over to the podcast page to listen to the Koz Anglais Podcast. Weekly episodes where a native English speaker living in Réunion tells a story about their life here. Over 150 episodes, and they’re all free to download.